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An Introduction to Wedding Planning ‘The Wesley House Way’


Wedding Planning
Planning your wedding can be one of the most stressful yet most fun periods of your life and with over twenty five years of successful wedding planning Wesley House Events are here to help you every step of the way! Our three point starter guide is designed to kick start your wedding planning and has been formulated over many years by our team of well experienced, and highly acclaimed planners. Their inside knowledge will help to make the first stage of your wedding planning simple and easy. Over the coming month’s we will update the list with a step by step guide to arranging the wedding of your dreams and in the meantime, please let us be amongst the first to wish you all the best on your forthcoming marriage!

Plan Your Budget

Whatever your budget, you can be sure that there are services out there that will suit your needs and are within budget. Your friends will also be a great source of ideas, tips and personal recommendations from their own nuptials will be invaluable. Word of mouth and referrals are a sure fire way of cutting down the number of people you need to make contact with!

Set Your Date

Often a task that seems ridiculously simple until you begin to compare diaries, discuss with family and close friends and then find that the ‘ideal’ date will not be as easy as you thought! Planning your wedding at least a year before the event, means that you have the biggest and varied selection of dates and suppliers together with flexibility.

Choose Your Venue

More often than not, unless you are planning to an exact date years in advance, the availability and choice of venue will drive the actual date of the wedding. Choosing the right venue will most certainly take time, but with a good search of your chosen area, you will be sure to find your most perfect setting for your big day. When both the ceremony and venue arrangements have been chosen, the whole day will then fall into place. With over twenty five years of event and wedding co-ordination here at Wesley House Events we have a “not so little black book” brimming with venues, ranging from cosmopolitan town houses and rustic barns to romantic settings much closer to home such as Sudeley Castle.

In out next edition we will cover the must do wedding planning that follows the top three steps. If in doubt and you need a little advice, guidance or a nudge in the right direction please do not hesitate to call our experienced events team on (01242) 602 366.